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Why To Order a Customized Safari Animal Birthday Cake For Your Kid’s Birthday?

Safari animal birthday cake

Finding the perfect birthday cake is not a piece of cake! It is a challenging task, especially when your kid wants a safari animal birthday cake for a birthday party. You have to make many decisions, including the flavour, colour, design, filling, theme, toppings, and much more. However, you can leave all your worries to a professional customized cake baker in Dubai for this.

Ordering a customized cake for your kid will make their birthday more special and take the celebrations to the next level. Let’s understand why you should order a customized cake for your loved one.

5 Reasons To Order A Customized Cake

1. It’s Your Kid’s Birthday – Special Customized Cake For Special Person

The customized cake gives inexplicable excitement and joy to your loved one.

The message such cake delivers is simple but touching – YOU ARE SPECIAL, THAT’S WHY YOU DESERVE A SPECIAL CAKE.

Customized safari animal birthday cakewill speak about your effort to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

2. Customized Safari Animal Cake Will Match Your Party Theme

If you are planning a grand jungle theme party for your kid, purchasing outfits that match the theme, planning dress code for the guests, buying cutlery and décor that matches the theme, how would you go for traditional cake?

Order a customized cake that adds sparks, excitement, joy, and colour to the party. Besides, it will thrill your little girl or boy.

3. Ordering Personalized Cake Will Create Cherished Memories

When parents order a personalized cake for their little ones, they will remember it for life. There is no doubt about it. Such customized cakes are too realistic for words. Your loved one will surely cherish this memory forever.

So, ditch the idea of traditional cake and go for a customized safari animal birthday cake.

4. Add Personal Touch To The Celebration

You will surely agree on this – customized cakes add a personal touch to any celebration.

The creative touch and personalized message will make the cake stand out. So, to make your kid’s birthday special, order a custom cake. It will make their birthday full of joy and thrill.

5. Personalized Cakes Are Healthier

The best thing about the custom cake is that you can make it as healthy as you want. How?

You can talk personally to the baker and explain in detail about your preferences. You will not be able to do this in market-bought cakes. So you won’t be unaware of the ingredients used in it.

Do you know some bakeries even use palm oil and some harmful preservatives to improve the shelf-life of the cake? Yes, you read it right!

In market-bought cakes, you will not be able to know which ingredients they have used. However, in a custom cake, you can tell the baker which ingredient to add and which one to avoid to make the cake healthier.

A Few Tips & Tricks To Remember

  1. Whenever you contact a bakery near you in Dubai, you must explain all your requirements clearly. Mention the date, time, approximate guest counts, theme, pictures, references, flavour, frosting type, etc., to the baker’s team. It will let the baker and you finalize the cake’s size, structure, theme, and design.
  2. Remember that customized cakes take time. So, don’t make a last-minute order. It is better to order well in advance to avoid late delivery.
  3. It is best to have a realistic budget. Customized cakes include effort and high-quality ingredients like premium flavours, fresh butter, organic flour, etc. So, the time and ingredients can cost you a bit more.
  4. Before settling down for any bakery, ensure they offer doorstep delivery. So, your cake will be delivered carefully by trained delivery personnel.
  5. The final price of the cake depends on various factors such as theme, cake style, size, flavour type, and more. So, while deciding the budget, keep all these factors in mind.

Winding Up

In summary, cakes are the main attraction of all parties. It is an unspoken and unwritten rule that either you start the celebration with cake or end it with it. Ordering a customized Safari animal birthday cake can be quite overwhelming. However, not to worry!

Our professional bakers are here to help you out. In this blog, we have also included tips and tricks for ordering a personalized cake for your kid’s birthday.

Hopefully, you read it correctly. Have you ever tried to buy a custom cake? You can browse our collection, and we will deliver it to your doorstep!

It is another reason to order custom cakes from us.


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