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Safari Animal Birthday Cake: Make Your Child’s Birthday Super Special

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight….” You might have heard this song, which might have stuck in your head when your child demands the safari animal birthday cake for the birthday party.

Birthdays are important milestones in the child’s life, and if you have the wild one to celebrate this year, a safari-themed birthday party is a great idea. With Dubai’s delicious animal-themed cake from The Bakery and the right décor, costumes, and activities, your guests will feel like they are roaming deep in the jungle.

This guide will help you set up the perfect safari-themed birthday party through a step-by-step process. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Go For Wild Décor

If you are planning to organize a safari-themed birthday party, choose animal print for the decoration. You can use animal motifs and colours such as orange, magenta, red, and brown when decorating the event venue. Let’s check out a few jungle décor items that you can utilize for the upcoming birthday bash.

  1. Animal balloons – A birthday party is incomplete without balloons. You should use animal balloons like monkeys, tigers, elephants, and other wild beasts. Zebra stripe or animal print balloons will also do wonders.
  1. Animal Stickers – You can use the animal stickers to decorate cards or even stick them. Various types of animal stickers, such as zebras, lions, giraffes, etc., are available in the market. Ensure to use the animal stickers in vibrant colors so they will shimmer and shine.
  1. Backdrop – You can quickly grab the guests’ attention with an animal-inspired backdrop. This type of backdrop you can easily buy from Amazon or Esty.
  1. Arrange Photo Booth – You can set up the jungle-themed photo booth so everyone can capture the memories. To set up a photo booth, you can use many photo props like face masks, safari hats, animal cutouts, animal print glasses, etc.

2. Dressed Up in Wildest Attire

If you host the animal party, you can ask your guests to wear wild attire. You can tell your guests to wear wild prints. It will be an enjoyable idea. Give all the guests animal party hats. If you or your guests want to buy an animal costume, you can easily find it on any marketplace.

3. Fun Filling Food

The food you plan to serve at the party should match your safari theme party. You can go for animal-themed cakes and animal-themed cupcakes. Put your thoughts into the Zoo themed birthday cake.

Add animal-themed cupcake toppers like blue elephants or pink lionesses to make the food look tempting. You can even serve jungle cocktails or jungle juice using ingredients such as lime juice, rum, and pineapples.

Here are some fun examples that you can serve at the birthday party.

-Green punch jungle juice
-Monkey bites (prepare it using banana treat)
-Animal crackers
-Zebra cakes
-Dirty cups (of course, include gummy worms in it)

Arranging such a theme birthday party will benefit your child in many ways.

Here are a few reasons to throw a theme birthday party for your child.

– It helps them establish social relationships. The reason behind this is that the birthday party allows your child to increase his interaction and social skills. It will be beneficial in their early development.

– When you celebrate your child’s birthday, your child will feel loved and seen. The reason is that your child will be the centre of attention at the party, and all the guests who attend the party will treat them like royalty. So your child will feel even more special.

– Throwing a birthday bash strengthens the family bond. As a family, you will get an opportunity to shop for party decorations and party supplies. Therefore, it will be the perfect chance to bond.

– Your little one will always cherish their birthday party as it will give them chance to create positive memories.

Let’s Go Wild With a Safari-Theme Party

Nowadays, Safari animal birthday cake is the most popular trend, as many beautiful elements go into it. Besides, the party will succeed if you follow the above-discussed décor, costume, and food ideas.

Of course, the celebration requires proper planning and creativity. Still, with the above tips, we are sure you will organize a fantastic safari-themed birthday party for great photos and memories.

Have you ever thrown a safari party yourself? Share your experience with us in the comment section below. We would love to know the fun details you included at the party. Also, if you want animal theme cakes in Dubai, you can visit The Bakery today!


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